LATF jointly with Tanzania step up efforts to address wildlife crime

LATF jointly with The United Republic of Tanzania is stepping up efforts to enhance interagency framework/mechanism to ensure law enforcement agencies cooperate to address the escalating poaching and illegal trade in wildlife specimens. This was revealed at an Interagency Wildlife Law Enforcement Awareness Workshop held in Zanzibar, Tanzania from 30th – 31st January 2012. The workshop was jointly organized by the Lusaka Agreement Task Force and Tanzania Wildlife Division as part of the capacity building program being implemented by LATF, with funding support from UNEP. The workshop was attended by 26 participants from 13 different national agencies from both mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.

During the workshop, issues related to improving collective capacity of law enforcement agencies to effectively curtail illegal trade in wild fauna and flora specimens were discussed. The participants recommended to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to play a leading role in enhancing interagency collaborative mechanisms. This may entail signing MOUs with other key Institutions/Government departments and or establishing task force for the purpose. The interagency framework will be a platform for law enforcement officers to network.  The Tanzania Wildlife Division was tasked to oversee the implementation while LATF is expected to provide technical support.


Group Photo of the Workshop Participants

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