LATF partners with Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP)

graspThe Lusaka Agreement Task Force (LATF) has been admitted as a GRASP partner in Category D: Relevant biodiversity and conservation–related multilateral environmental agreements and other intergovernmental organizations and institutions. As a GRASP partner, LATF will have one vote in the GRASP Council which will review and guide the work of the partnership.

The admission was done at the 8th GRASP Executive Committee that was held 8-9 August 2013 in Cambridge, United Kingdom. LATF highly appreciates the recognition of its efforts by GRASP and will take this opportunity to continue championing cooperative law enforcement among Great apes range states for the protection, effective conservation and survival of the world’s especially Africa’s Apes resources. LATF looks forward to enhanced cooperation and collaboration with all GRASP partners and the Secretariat in their  endeavors of common interest. Great apes are key species in development of durable tourism and economies, vital social and cultural ecological natural companions especially in Africa. At LATF we value the apes and commend GRASP for the great work done so far in making Great apes survival become of high priority for all across the world.

Stop buying illegally acquired apes – – Stop destroying apes’ habitat- Stop illegally removing apes from the wild – Stop eating apes’s meat.

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