LATF, Tanzania and Zambia Tighten Cooperation to combat cross-border wildlife crime

From 18-19 September 2013, officers from the Lusaka Agreement Task Force (LATF), Tanzania Wildlife Division (TWD) and Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) spent two days at Nakonde border post, Zambia sharing updates on cross border illegal trade, progress in curbing it, and needs to “stamp it out.”  This was the 2nd cross-border wildlife security meeting between the two National Bureaus to the Lusaka Agreement.

The discussion led to the resolutions, which lists immediate steps that will be taken by the two National Bureaus and LATF, including: synchronized wildlife law enforcement activities in the affected areas, joint meetings, joint specialized training for effective overt and covert operations, placement of wildlife personnel at notorious entry/exit points along the common border and expanding the initiative to include Malawi and Mozambique in cross border wildlife security fora.

Following the agreed resolutions, wildlife officers from TWD and ZAWA will meet within 6 months period for a confidential exchange of contacts, information, challenges, and plan for operations.

LATF will continue supporting cross-border wildlife security meetings in accordance with its mandate to coordinate Lusaka Agreement member states and support National Bureaus in carrying out effective law enforcement operations. We urge governments, technical and development partners to continue providing their support to the initiative.

Participants Group Photo

Participants Group Photo

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