LATF’s participation at the 3rd Tanzania – Zambia Wildlife Security Meeting

In executing its regional mandate, the Lusaka Agreement Task Force coordinated the organization and participated in the Tanzania-Zambia Cross Border Wildlife Officers Security Meeting held from 22nd to 23rd January 2015 in Morogoro, Tanzania.

The meeting was attended by 17 Wildlife and Forest officers from Tanzania and Zambia. The participants shared intelligence, exchanged information pertaining to cross-border illegal trafficking of wildlife and forest products and resolved to undertake synchronized enforcement operations and to mobilize financial resources to support capacity building programmes for wildlife and forest officers along the common border.

In his opening remarks the Regional Administrative Secretary for Morogoro stressed that wildlife and forest resources can only be secured if both countries marshal efforts and resources to fight threats to wildlife and their habitats. He underscored the need for Malawi and Mozambique to also join the initiative to enhance cooperation and put in place strategies to fight poaching and the associated illegal trade in wild fauna and flora. On the other hand, LATF representatives pointed out that such strategies should take into account the existing national, regional and international instruments. While appreciating the need to involve Malawi and Mozambique in similar meetings in the future, LATF called for enhanced cross-border cooperation between the states on wildlife security matters and reiterated its commitment to continue spearheading such collaborative initiatives towards effective wildlife conservation in the region.

Tanzania-Zambia Wildlife Security Meeting

The Participants in a group photo

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