Another King pin of illegal elephant ivory trafficking arrested in Tanzania

A Chinese National (Li Guibang) was arrested on 4th January 2011 in Dar es Salaam city, Tanzania following the ongoing investigation of 769 pieces of elephant tusks, weighing 2005.6 kg seized in Vietnam originating from Zanzibar in August 2009 which is being coordinated by the Lusaka Agreement Task Force.

The arrested suspect who was since at large is believed to be one of the kingpins in the smuggling ring, which is believed to have been illegally exporting elephant tusks to the Far East from the Region. The suspect was charged at Kisutu Residents Magistrates Court in Dar es Salaam for committing an economic crime.

The Task Force jointly with Law Enforcement Agencies in and out of the Lusaka Agreement Member States is stepping up its cooperative Law Enforcement undertakings to address the ever increasing problem of ivory smuggling from the Region. LATF calls for continued support from all the collaborating agencies, individuals and development partners to join hands in these endeavors.

The Ivory seized in Vietnam

The Ivory seized in Vietnam

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