LATF investigates two big seizures of about 5tonnes contraband ivory in Mombasa


1,478.4 kg seized on 3rd July, 2013

A total of 4765.61 kg of contraband ivory was seized at Mombasa port Kenya en-route to Malaysia just in a span of a week. The ivory seizures comprised of 1.478.4 kg seized on 3rd July 2013 and 3.287.21 kg seized on 8th July 2013 had been disguised as sun dried fish maws exported from Uganda and groundnuts exported from Kenya both destined for Malaysia respectively.

LATF in collaboration with Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Police is investigating the incidents and some of the key suspects have been arrested. Observations on the seized tusks indicate that majority were fresh and big up to above 90 kg a pair. This signals ongoing massive poaching targeting big tusk elephants in the region. The continued movement of such big contraband ivory is a clear indication of persisting organized criminal syndicates operating in the region. This calls for more concerted efforts at both national and international levels to address the crime.


1,478.4 kg seized on 3rd July, 2013

The Director of the Lusaka Agreement Task Force, Mr. Bonaventure Ebayi calls upon all law enforcement agencies in Lusaka Agreement member states and African countries at large to increase surveillance and monitoring of wildlife trafficking activities as well as law enforcement operations focusing on potential poaching sites and smuggling routes across the continent. The Director also urges the international community to continue addressing the high level ivory demand for African elephant ivory in consuming countries which fuels the carnage detrimental to elephant species survival in Africa.  It is no longer time for questioning or wondering but time to act strongly and consistently to assist stop the threat if we strive to save our much treasured African elephant, Mr. Ebayi said.

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