Operation Cobra II Evaluation Report 2015

This report provides an evaluation of Operation Cobra II, including an account of achievements and recommendations arrived at during a review meeting held in Bangkok Thailand from 21 –24 September 2015. Operation Cobra II was a multi-regional law enforcement operation implemented in 28 African and Asian countries from 30th December 2013 to 26th January 2014. It was undertaken and expanded on following the successes of Operation Cobra I, which was
conducted in 22 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America in early 2013.

Lusaka Agreement Task Force (LATF) chaired and coordinated Operation Cobra II. Other organizers included the Association of South East Asian Nations Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN), South Asia Wildlife Enforcement Network (SAWEN) as well as China, USA and South Africa. Cobra II brought together officers and investigators from Police, Customs and Wildlife departments in 28 countries in Africa and Asia. it resulted in 240 reported and at least
110 unreported seizures relating to over 111,203.6 kg and 26,486 pieces of assorted contraband wildlife specimens including 36 rhino horns, over 3 metric tons of elephant ivory, over 10,000 turtles, over 1,000 skins of endangered species, over 10,000 European Eels and more than 200 metric tons of rosewood logs. Overall, Operation Cobra II recorded arrests of more than 400 criminals including kingpins in Africa and Asia, disrupted criminal syndicates and above all
generated a significant amount of intelligence and information which provided leads for investigations by various law enforcement agencies across the globe. Details of the results are documented in the report by Lusaka Agreement Task Force on behalf of the organizers shared with all partners and organizers at a meeting to review Cobra II and planning meeting for Cobra III in Bangkok Thailand.


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